We create stories, videos, and comics based on the philosophy of God’s word.

Latest News

3/28/2023 – Started adding new art to the character bios.

12/9/22 – Updates to the character pages and new bios added.

12/8/22 – Added a links page. Check out our video channels and SoundCloud.

11/18/22 – Added “The Chosen Hunters RPG” page. Currently has information on stats and basic game mechanics. More coming soon.

11/17/22 – Added a character bio and art page. More character bios, art, and character sheets coming soon.

11/16/22 – Added a menu to the site. More pages coming soon.

10/9/22 – Mechtild’s AI sister, Serhild, will be joining us at the site. She will be providing comments and writing AI generated stories.

9/25/22 – Site and group have launched! We now have a professional logo.



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