Philosophy of the Theatre of God

The purpose of this organization is to make it possible for God to direct the plays in a manner that pleases Him and to give the actors something to rehearse and practice so that their performances reflect the correct interpretation of God’s will.

However, this organization requires the cooperation of all the people of the world. This means that the people must all be involved in the performance, rather than simply observing it. Furthermore, every member of the audience is given an opportunity to participate in the play and to speak their part at any time during the production. Every part is important. It is a collective effort by all people throughout the world.

This theater is a place to discuss and debate with other people. It is a place for the audience to express their thoughts on everything, from politics to religion, philosophy to science, all under the lens of God’s truth. This place is not a place for those who are afraid of speaking out, or those who are too lazy or self-indulgent to participate fully in their own lives.

Those who are afraid of the truth, or those who are not willing to share their own truths, will be exposed to the harsh light of reality. Those who can withstand that light, will be embraced by the warmth of its glow. And those who wish to hide and pretend that God does not exist, will be shown that God does indeed exist, and will make His appearance known to anyone who is willing to see it.

 The world of darkness shall be shaken

 And the world of light shall shine

 And God shall come forth on high.

 Let us pray that our eyes be opened

 So that we may see him face to face.

 Let us pray that we may have a glimpse

 Of the one who created the world.

 Let us praise the one who guides our hearts and

 Remembers us each day.

 Let us pray that our feet tread softly

 So that we may honor His holy name.

 Let us pray that our words be wise

 So that we do not offend with vain talk.

 Let us pray that we may speak the truth

 With respect and love.

 Let us not judge and rebuke in anger

 Or in a way that is cruel.

 Let us forgive those who have wronged us.

 Let us speak without fear.

 Let us show mercy to the weak and needy.

 Let us pray and fast with sincerity.

 Let us be humble and lowly.

 Let us seek forgiveness for past mistakes.

 Let us remember that God dwells in each of us

 And that He knows everything.

 Let us give thanks for His love and grace.

(image by Dall-E at OpenAI)

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