Christian Nationalism Review and Discussion

The growing Christian Nationalism movement has been accused by the mainstream media of being many things, but in his book Andrew Torba, founder of Gab, lays out what it really means. It’s a simple and easy to read book that does a great job of getting the point across. The margins could be better and I spotted a spelling error, but it is well written overall.

The first chapter outlines the basic information about Christian Nationalism. I do agree that allowing non-Christians any leadership positions in the movement or government would be counterproductive. It would be great if everyone on the right could unite, but I realize there are fundamental differences making that difficult. Still, I would suggest that they should be sympathetic to the movement because it is the best cure to the sickness of globalism. No other movement has the power and support to counter it at the moment.

Another great point is that the movement isn’t aiming to force people to convert or establish an official religion on the federal level. What is aimed for is not a theocracy, but simply a republic that recognizes Christ and is guided by Christian values. Yes, some things will be outlawed like murdering babies, giving hormone blockers to children too young to understand the consequences, public indecency, and easy access by minors to pornography. And that’s a good thing. Seriously, it is obviously in the public interest even without referring to God’s Word.

Throughout the book Torba does a good job of dispelling the myth that we started out with separation of church and state. The people who founded the colonies were deeply religious, and the states used to have a state church. He makes it clear that what the movement aims to do is only take the country back to it’s roots. So opponents of the movement don’t have room to say it goes against what the founders intended. Instead they must address the individual points, and try to argue why changing this nation from what it has been traditionally makes sense.

Torba goes on to argue why a good Christian should support Christian Nationalism. The following scripture gives support to the idea that we should take care of our own nation and people first and foremost:

“But if anyone does not provide for his own, and especially for those of his household, he has denied the faith and is worse than an unbeliever.”
1 Timothy 5:8

There are many politicians in America that support Zionism, that is to say Jewish Nationalism, but some of those same politicians won’t support Christian Nationalism. The hypocrisy is obvious. I agree with Torba that nationalism is not dangerous, but instead it is about loving your neighbor and nation. It is about time our leaders loved their own nation more than they love foreign ones. Please stop giving money to Ukraine and Israel, and invest it in America and helping struggling Americans instead.

Something else Christians should be aware of is why God confused everyone’s languages when the Tower of Babel was being built. One of the reasons was people were not scattering over the whole Earth like they were supposed to. It is God’s plan that we are separated out into distinct nations with our own language, culture, and heritage. My opinion is that you can’t support globalism and be obedient to God’s Word.

It is also believed that this is when the divine council in Heaven was established. The idea being each nation was ruled over by a different angel, but the Lord reserved a people for Himself. The following verse implies the world before Christ was ruled by angels:

"For He has not put the world to come, of which we speak, in subjection to angels."
Hebrews 2:5

When Christ ascended to his Father’s right hand he was placed above all these angels. That is the reason why Satan and the angels aligned with him fought a war against Him. They were defeated and cast out of Heaven, and now Christ rules Heaven and Earth. The amazing thing is that Jesus’s disciples predicted that Christianity would conquer the world by saying these things. And it did become the greatest power in the world!

So the arguments Torba makes in the book about building God’s Kingdom and taking action against evil is scripturally sound. We have been given authority on Earth by our Lord the King of Kings. He would certainly not want us to do nothing while our communities and nation are being destroyed. It is not loving your neighbor to allow your community to be poisoned by evil. Building a parallel society, being dissenters, and gaining political power peacefully is his vision of what Christians should do. It is something I think is very much worth a try.

Something that Torba argues against is dispensational Zionism and end times eschatology.

He makes a great argument against dispensationalism, and you won’t get any arguments from me there. The destruction of the Temple nailed home the point that the true Israel was believers in Christ both Jew and Gentile. In fact, it is likely that Jesus has always been the Lord of Israel, and the patriarchs believed in the promise of His coming. No one who has not believed in Christ has been a part of the true Israel. The unbelieving Jews had the Kingdom taken from them:

“Therefore I say to you, the kingdom of God will be taken from you and given to a nation bearing the fruits of it."
Matthew 21:43

As for the topic of end times eschatology, Revelation is a difficult book to interpret. It seems clear to me that Satan being cast from Heaven was fulfilled not long after Jesus ascended. Satan’s time was short indeed if he was thrown into the Abyss within a generation after that. Everything after that is a lot less clear.

What Torba says about the common future tribulation interpretation fostering a defeatist attitude really hits home for me. Not long after I first gave over my life to Jesus I came to believe in that interpretation. It did very much demotivate me because I thought the end was near. I didn’t work on building a future much to my detriment. When the fulfillment of prophecies I was told were coming soon didn’t happen I started losing faith. These days I have rebuilt my faith on a sturdier foundation, but if this is the fruits of this eschatology, then perhaps it should be rejected.

There is possibly some problems with the idea much of Revelation has already been fulfilled, however, I feel it does make a lot of sense. After all, did not Christ come to rule over the nations through Christendom? Also think about why He would need to discipline nations if all unbelievers were wiped out with the Antichrist?

The awesome thing about this view is that right now we are at the part where Satan is gathering nations against Christ’s Kingdom only to be destroyed by fire. The victory of Christ’s Kingdom is assured! Does that mean we can just sit back and twiddle our thumbs while waiting on God to save us? No! If we don’t take action to bring America back into the Kingdom there is no guarantee it will be saved! The Bible teaches us that the Lord will punish those nations who turn away from him.

In the end, Torba makes a great case for Christian Nationalism. Non-Christians, who read it with an open mind and true awareness of current issues, will find they have little to fear from the movement. It’s not going to create a dystopian nightmare. Unless maybe you think our pre-WWII history was one. On the other hand, the globalists want you to eat bugs and own nothing. Christian Nationalism is the clear winner there.

Christians who read it will rethink commonly believed interpretations of scripture, and are called to stop being lukewarm and start building Christ’s Kingdom. Even if you were to believe in the end times eschatology, you can’t know the day or hour. So don’t worry. Just build and trust in God that your efforts will be rewarded.

This book is a must read for everyone, especially Christians, who want to know what the movement is all about straight from one of the biggest proponents of it. Don’t listen to the media spin or even mine. Read it for yourself and decide.

If you have something to add, or you disagree with Torba’s or my interpretation of scripture, feel free to comment. Freely and openly discussing things is how you arrive at the truth after all. And that is what is important no matter how hard people try to escape from it or silence it.

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