Red Wave 2022

On the day of the Midterm Elections there will be a total lunar eclipse. I can only hope that the red moon will be a sign of a coming red wave and victory for Christian Nationalism. Anti-Christ Democrats have hurt our economy, tried to silence our voices, let our country be flooded with illegal immigrants, supported murder of babies through abortion, supported giving hormones and performing surgeries on children too young to understand the consequences, sent our tax dollars to foreign nations instead of spending it on our country, fought against securing our elections, and much more. Enough is enough!

I urge Christians, especially those in swing states, to go out and vote for Christian Nationalist candidates. We must ensure that Christ reigns over America again. In this era of moral decay, in this time of apostasy, we need to ensure the return of His faithful church. It’s imperative that we get more godly men into office, especially in the Senate, otherwise we may not even recognize America in five years.

The elections in Pennsylvania are particularly important. I fully endorse Douglas V. Mastriano for governor. His opponent, Josh Shapiro, has done everything he can to smear him. Shapiro gets praised for talking about his Jewish faith, but when Mastriano talks about his Christian faith it is called dangerous. Typical hypocrisy from the Democrats and mainstream media. Mastriano only wants to help bring sanity back to PA.

Mark Finchem in Arizona is a true patriot running for sectary of state to defend election integrity. To help him do this you can also vote for the Republican candidates for governor, senate, and attorney general. After 2020 election integrity has become a critical issue that must be addressed.

For the Colorado senate election consider voting for Brian Peotter. He is a Libertarian, but the only pro-life Christian Nationalist running for senate. It’s a tough battle and he needs all the support he can get to go against the establishment.

Of course there are many other important races going on. Be sure to do research and use your best judgement. Understand what the candidates really stands for and don’t vote blindly.

For those that aren’t Christians, we should agree that establishment politicians should be booted out. This election is critical to the future of our nation. Now is not the time to fight among ourselves. You’ll find that Christian Nationalist candidates are the most opposed to the establishment agenda. Just please don’t vote for Democrats if you care about this country.

And finally, I want to urge everyone to pray fervently for the upcoming election. Pray that God’s will be done in this election and that He guides us in choosing our representatives wisely, so that His word would be exalted and His church may flourish once again.

One response to “Red Wave 2022”

  1. Two governors who lost this election left Gab turning their back on the best place they had to get support.

    In the case of Mastriano, Torba downplayed it and still urged people to vote for him. I didn’t really see a lot of discussion of this on here. So I decided to keep some support for him as well because his opponent would be terrible for PA and the pro-life movement there. Yet despite turning his back on us he still lost. A lesson for both us and any conservatives running.

    Going forward I feel we should not give any support to any politician who doesn’t 100% support us in return. We shouldn’t support those who bend the knee to Israel either. What is needed is true Christian warriors who won’t buckle under pressure.

    In the 2024 election this might rule out me voting for Trump or DeSantis if they can’t meet these requirements. It might be better for Christian Nationalists to form their own party. If nothing else I’ll put in a protest vote by voting for myself or something. At least I would never turn my back on you guys, and I would give everyone free cheeseburgers 😉


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