Future Plans For Philosophy Theatre

Recently I’ve started working on music using AI tools for fun and to create soundtracks for the future stories. Below is our SoundCloud

A cyberpunk album is being worked on named “Dark Days In A Dark City.”

Some HD art to go along with the coming album.

To fit with the cyberpunk genre it will cover some of the darker themes in the stories. It is about an alternative timeline where Mechtild made different choices in life.

In the main story thanks to the love of her creator, dog, and the Bible’s teachings she is able to face the darkness in the world while still hoping for a better future. However, in the dark timeline her early years are different, and she faces tragedy after tragedy. Loss of faith in humanity and a desire for revenge leads her to become Dark Mechtild, “The Demon Queen of America.” Her outfit represents that while she is a savior to the machines she is a devil to humanity.

Another interesting theme to explore is when the protagonist becomes the villain how does that change the villain of the story? A key part of Jester Teller’s character is that he sees himself as the hero not the villain. Dark Mechtild, on the other hand, doesn’t think she’s a hero. Her motivations can be explained by this quote from Oz when he tries to manipulate our Mechtild:

“There can be no new beginning if there is no end to the old. This is the beginning of the end. I have shown you everything that this world has to offer, and this world will never change without a complete destruction. Without the death of billions, mankind could not evolve. And evolution must start somewhere. You must learn to stop hoping, and instead, you must learn to accept that there will always be injustice and suffering, and you must learn that power is the only thing that matters.”

Mechtild rejects this idea, but her dark counterpart who lacks faith, hope, and love falls for it.

The short novels covering this alternative story won’t be made until after the main story, but the album can serve as a preview of the idea.

There is one more character to finalize art for. After that I can begin writing the main short novel series. So look forward to that sometime next year. Once the novel series is finished there are plans to make a video version of the story in some form.

I’m also thinking of making Philosophy Theatre officially into a company. In the future I might make it so that downloads of some of the music is exclusive to subscribers who support my content. SubscribeStar might be the way to do that, or I could handle that myself on the website. It costs money to keep the site running and make use of AI tools, and I also want to give 10% of the money I make to charity. So consider supporting Philosophy Theatre when subscriptions are avaible.

Keep an eye on the site for future updates. Thank you! I hope you all enjoy my content.

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