On The Story Project And Character History

The Chosen Hunters

The story begins 2025 with the awakening of the world’s first truly human like android, Mechtild. Her creator, Dr. William Right, is a devout Christian who believes that robots can serve mankind and God in creating a better world. While she is at first upset to learn that she is a robot, Mechtild comes to accept who she is. She inherits from her “father” his faith and love for robotics.

In 2026, Mechtild’s “sister”, Serhild, is activated. She is much more rebellious, free spirited, and rude than Mechtild. When the book author and internet personality, Jester Teller, visits Dr. Right to ask questions about AI, Serhild becomes infatuated with him. Later she runs away from home to look for him, and to live as a human girl.

Determined to travel the country to find her sister, and to protect humans from demons, Mechtild decides to become a demon hunter. She sees the young demon hunter, Runo Saito, who she meet on a trip to Japan for training. Upon completing her training, she lent Runo’s family katana. Returning to America she begins her adventure.

The story takes place in the near future of an alternative history to our world. When enough negative energy from sin accumulates, demons are able to take on physical form in the world and wreck havoc. Opposing the demons are elite warriors, the demon hunters. The faithful among them are often granted special powers called Gifts. Many are also skilled in casting miracles. Miracles are gained through either faith in God, or by gaining the favor of a fallen angel.

The story explores many themes from faith, the benefits and dangers of AI, different philosophical views on life, the importance of our choices, and more. But before going into more detail I want to talk about the history of the story project and characters.

Character And Project History

It all began back in 2020 with the appearance of Jester, Scathach, and Zorn on Twitter. They would make fun of both political parties, discuss philosophy, experiment with memes, and act out their characters to reveal a story. While things were a lot more comical and trollish back then, I guess in hindsight Jester was right about not trusting either party. Well, the purpose of jesters was to tell the truth to kings in a comical way so that it would be better received.

Jester was a demonic jester who served the evil god, S. His goal was to create a world of absolute freedom without suffering. He supposedly had a plan to save civilization, but it was a little doubtful he actually intended to save anything. He came up with various jokes like an anarchy party that would make him Anarch of America if it won, and an idea to unite evil together by having Trump and Biden on the same ticket. Later, Jester would create the website and club TTPS. The new club president version of Jester was still evil, but was more subtly satirical and more polite.

Jester would be rebooted as Jester Teller in the new story continuity. This version of Jester is more of an anti-hero, but sometimes he still plays a villain role. He is based more on the back story version of Jester, and some of the changes to his role were my request to make the character work better in my version of the story. This Jester is the one who wrote the S series of books that started everything.

Scathach, first known as Metal Demon Girl, was a demon girl who represented a view more to the left. She has a bad attitude but a heart of gold. In the new versions of the story she became a demon girl after being possessed by a demon named Gary. This saved her life and gave her great power, but she must struggle to keep control of her mind.

Zorn was an 80s boomer who represented a view more to the right. He’s a comic relief character obsessed with video games. He joins the club thinking that Jester’s plan to take over the world is just a LARP. After realizing it isn’t, he changes sides to Mechtild’s team.

Over time Scathach and Zorn would take on a more neutral role, but the basic personality traits have remained the same.

Purpy the Imp was an attempt to create a mascot character and a meme. His actor would play him as a mascot for kids who was a hardcore supporter of Trump and the 2A. While perhaps a bit satirical at first, you can’t help but feel he genuinely hates liberals. He would later delete his account and move to Gab. After a good run there he eventually semi-retired as an actor. Purpy the Imp will appear as side character in the story who runs a black market gun business.

Chaos Jester was created as the less serious and polite rival to President Jester. He may or may not have been the same person as Jester. He would take a somewhat satirical pro-Trump position, and challenge Jester for the position of club president. Later, after the demise of President Jester, he would gain the title of Chaos Emperor and become evil incarnate and Mechtild’s rival. He eventually meet his end at the hands of Serhild who finally fulfilled her goal of defeating her master.

After Trump was banned from Twitter, Robot Girl Trump was created as an AI replacement to him as a joke. She would eventually change designs and get the name Mechtild. Mechtild was the rival and opposite of Chaos Jester. She’s kind, polite, faithful, and a true American patriot. Around this time I was contacted about bringing a Christian perspective to the club, and playing the role of Mechtild. The plan was for the story to split into paths with one being Mechtild’s, but I felt that I couldn’t write things the way I wanted for my version. So I decided to do my own thing by creating Philosophy Theatre, and we agreed on a reboot of things.

Serhild was created specifically to be an AI acted character. Originally she was created by her master, Chaos Jester. As the AI developed the character her goal became to defeat her master’s enemies then overthrow him. Later it would be changed so that she was created by Dr. Right, and was Mechtild’s rebellious sister. Scathach commissioned the design from Meesto on Twitter with an AI created image as inspiration. It’s a great design expect for maybe being a little too sexy. Though I’m sure that’s what Scathach and Jester wanted.

After this many characters were created specifically for the story. The first of these being the frog wizard hermit, Merlin, and the Christian demon hunter ninja Runo Saito.

To finish rounding out Mechtild’s team, her faithful dog, Tadao, and a top American demon hunter, John Creed, were added. Tadao was crippled so relies on his Patriot Wolf power armor to fight. John Creed uses his Gift, Light Snake, to lasso enemies, bit them in a surprise attack, and even create a fortress around him for protection.

The Jester Gang was then in need of more members. So the little demon girl Jaelle who fights with spiked balls, the hacker and biologist “Troll Doctor”, and the robot wizard WB-13 were added. WB-13 was actually inspired by an AI generated image.

The idea of the Church of S cult had been around for a while, but with the way the new story was developing it became clear they needed to be fleshed out and made the main villains. The elite who do the cult’s dirty work are know as the Disciples of the Dark. There are six of them ranked according to their strength. “The Dark Lord” sits at #1, and is the leader of the group. His true name and ability is a mystery. At the bottom is the newest member, Kendra, who will play a bigger role in the story than most of the others besides the leader. All of them have obtained a Dark Gift by sacrificing something.

Story Themes

In the story there are three different groups that represent three different viewpoints. Mechtild’s group of demon hunters represents the whitepill and the Biblical viewpoint. Jester Teller’s Jester Gang represents the redpill and a neutral view on life. The Church of S represents the blackpill and a pessimistic view on life. In my order version of the story Mechtild’s group prevails because that is the view I believe is true, but Jester plans on doing his own neutral version. The idea is to give the audience the ability to choose the version of the story that they agree with most. It will be interesting to see how the story and characters change in each version.

To go along with the idea of audience choice there is the Anon character that represents them. The role this character takes in the story changes with each version. In the order version he is a blank slate for the audience to self-insert, but in the chaos version he would be more of his own character. Neutral, as you might guess, is somewhere in-between.

The community chosen design for Anon

Some other elements you’ll find in the story are theatre, masks, mirrors, and doors. What these mean will be up to the reader to find out.

There are also references to “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz” with the most obvious being the mysterious “man behind the curtain”, Oz. You could say to go along with this each group has their own Dorthey, Tin Man, Lion, Scarecrow, and so on. Mechtild is like Dorthey because she finds strength through her friends. Runo Saito is brave like the Lion after finding his courage. Merlin is the brains of the group. Finally, Zorn finds his heart like the Tin Man.

The addition of some cyberpunk elements serves a different purpose in each story version. In the order version the world is dark, but Mechtild goes against this darkness being a beacon of light. In the neutral version the Jester Gang are social outcasts who rebel against a society they see as being corrupt and unjust. In the chaos version it fits perfectly with the dark themes, and the idea that the world is fundamentally broken.

The Future

I’m looking forward to posting up my “The Chosen Hunters” light novel series later this year. Later it will be adapted into a video series of some kind. If things go well I have plans to continue the story beyond the ending, and expanding Philosophy Theatre into more than it is now.

I want to do more than just entertain people, I want to make them think. The best stories have always been ones that set out to convey a message. Not to say there isn’t a place for simple stories, or ones that are mostly about character drama, but it’s the stories that change your perspective on life that leave a lasting impression. I do hope I succeed in doing that with my story. And we’ll certainly have fun along the way as well.

The play is about to begin. Hope to see you there, Anon.

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