Characters: Hunters



Birthday: 7/25/2025

Height: 5’6″

Weight: 165 pounds

Mechtild is the first self-aware android created by Dr. William Right. She follows in the Christian faith of her creator, and she develops a loving personality thanks to him and her pet dog.

Later on Dr. Right creates her sister, Serhild. Though she often doesn’t get along with her troublemaking sister they live a peaceful life for a year. However, one day Serhild runs away from home.

Determined to travel the country to find her sister and protect people, Mechtild trains with the young demon hunter Runo Saito in Japan. Runo lends her the family katana “Lord’s Retribution.” Eventually she returns to America and becomes a demon hunter.

Her gift Guardian Angel is enhanced by system built by Dr. Right that generates protective barrier around her, and she is also equipped with the powerful Patriot Drill.

Mechtild loves to read, write, build robots, and eat cheeseburgers. Hates the Anti-Christ.

Runo Saito

Birthday: 1/12/2010

Height: 5’4″

Weight: 130 pounds

Runo Saito (斎藤 光希) is a Japanese Christian who is a skilled demon hunter despite her young age. Her family has protected Japan from demons for generations with their ninja like skills.

When she first began her training she didn’t take it seriously. However, one day her friend was killed by a demon. Ever since that day she has trained hard and taken on no non-sense personality.

She uses throwing crosses as weapons, and is able to summon flames thanks to her Gift, Burning Lion. Her signature move is Blazing Cross where she strikes the enemy with two crosses in a cross pattern burning them.

When using the full power of her Gift her eyes turn gold and she gains lion ears, a tail, and claws made of flame.

Has a weakness for cute things.


Birthday: ?

Height: 4’1″

Weight: 70 pounds

The wise frog of the woods goes by the name, Merlin, but it seems it isn’t his true name. He is a wizard who’s skill with miracles is far above the average person’s.

He lives alone shunned by humans because they often mistake him for a demon. His true nature is a mystery.

Merlin assists Mechtild when she is hunting a demon in his forest. She reminds him of someone he once knew, and later on he decides to join her in her travels as a demon hunter to watch over her.

Often speaks in antiquated way. Also, surprisingly, doesn’t like to eat bugs.