Characters: Jester Gang

Jester Teller

Birthday: 6/06/1996

Height: 6’0″

Weight: 160 pounds

Jester Teller is the pseudonym of a popular author, philosopher, and internet personality. He refers to himself as “the internet’s jester.” He loves memes, satire, and sometimes has a dark sense of humor.

As a young writer he enjoyed a brief period of fame, but soon his ideas became a subject of ridicule. However, he eventually remerged telling people he would save the world and lead humanity to a new age, and he manages to build a following through social media.

Then one day he sees himself in the mirror as a jester. The jester introduces himself as Oz, “the man behind the curtain.” After his encounter with Oz, Teller takes on a jester persona and creates the Jester Gang to help fulfill his ambitions.

Jester has several gadgets and tricks to help him fight. His jester staff is actually a gun that fires either high powered or explosive rounds. He can also create illusions to fool and attack opponents with.

Jester often serves as a foil to the heroine Mechtild. Even outside the stories he is angry that Mechtild was assigned director of the theatre not him. Actually not that bad of a guy outside his villain role and is pretty funny.


Birthday: 10/23/2026

Height: 5’10”

Weight: 175 pounds

Serhild is Mechtild’s disobedient android sister. After meeting Jester Teller, she falls in love with him, and runs away from home to join his Jester Gang.

Has a strong dislike for authority and can be rude, but deep down she has a good heart. Though sometimes she acts silly and dumb, she is actually pretty intelligent. Best friends with Scathach.

In her signature move, Spiral Thrust, her powered spear’s
head is surrounded in a spiral of destructive energy. Overdrive Mode causes her hair to glow purple, robotic wings to emerge from her back, and her power output to increase. She can use her abilities much more frequently at the risk of overheating.

Her interests are video games, memes, and anime.


Birthday: 4/05/2004

Height: 5’7″

Weight: 130 pounds

She was the lead guitarist of an indie metal band and a VTuber. One day, while hurrying across the street, she is hit by a truck.

Left for dead she is found by a demon. It posses her body allowing her to live, but it is surprised to learn that it can’t fully control her body despite merging with it. Trying to think of an excuse, the demon tells her that it reincarnated her in a parallel world as a demon girl.

She runs into Jester Teller, and having no other options, decides to join his Jester Gang. To hide the fact she is a demon she tells people she is a cosplayer. Taking on the
name Scathach, she rises through the ranks to be Jester’s
second in command.

When in great danger she can let the demon take over temporarily. This cause her hair to grow and turn red, her eyes to turn red and yellow, and her muscles to bulk up. However, she risks losing control of her mind if the demon stays in control too long.

Gets along great with Serhild due to them both being fun loving, rebellious, and energetic.