Demon hunters protect the human world from demons. Some are work for a church while others are independent, but most of them are motivated by a deep faith in God. Those with faith are granted a Gift that gives them special abilities to help fight demons. They receive training at a specialized schools where they learn how to use their powers to find and exterminate demons.

Hunting demons is dangerous job, but it has been done since ancient times. If demons are allowed to roam free, they will do harm to humans. When there is an outbreak of demonic activity, a demon hunter is called in to deal with it. Most are experienced individuals who have served many years or even decades to defend the human race from demon attacks. Many believe that they are doing God’s work and accept the danger as part of it.

Jester Gang

A group created by the philosopher, writer, and internet personality, Jester Teller. Their goal is to help Jester in his plan to create a world of absolute freedom that ensures their own happiness no matter what it takes. Members often wear jester like outfits in the group colors of black and purple. They have been described as an online gang and as a mafia.

Jester has managed to create many connection to increase his power from a research lab to corporations. He believes that technology is the key to creating a utopia. Rumor has it that he is involved in a project to create a global system controlled by a super AI.