The Chosen Hunters RPG


Body (BOD): Each point increases physical attack power by 1.

Endurance (END): Each point increases physical defense by 1 and increases HP by 5.

Agility (AGI): Determines turn order. Every even point increases accuracy by 5%, and every odd point increases evasion by 5%.

Spirit (SPR): Each point increases miracle and healing power by 1, and increases miracle defense by 1.

Mind (MND): Every 2 points grants a miracle slot and increases training points per level by 1.

Wit (WIT): Every even point increases debuff chance by 5% and critical chance by 2.5%, and every odd point increases debuff resistance by 5% and critical evasion by 2.5%. Every point decreases shop prices by 1%.

Virtue (VIR): Determines success rate of prayers and what miracles can be used. Changes based on player choice. Player chooses if it starts at 5 or 10.

Game Mechanics

D20 System: Everything based on a percentage chance is determined by D20 rolls. All chances are rounded down to the nearest multiple of 5.

Multipliers: First, Add all positive multipliers of the same type then apply them. Then add all negative multipliers of the same type then apply them.

Base Attack Power (BAP): BAP = BOD/SPR + (1 + LVL/2). Use BOD for basic attacks and offensive abilities. Use SPR for offensive miracles and healing.

Damage: To determine the damage dealt increase BAP by the attack power multiplier (150% for basic attacks) then subtract the enemies physical of miracle defense.

Accuracy: To determine the chance of an attack landing take the attackers accuracy then subtract the defenders evasion (base is 5%). The chance of the attack landing can’t be less than 5%.

Critical Hit: The damage of critical hits are increased by 150%. To determine the chance of a critical hit take the attackers critical rate (base is 5%) and subtract the defenders critical evasion. The chance of a critical hit can’t be less than 5%.

Debuffs: To determine the chance of a debuff applying take the attacker’s ability/miracle base chance add bonus from WIT then subtract the defenders resistance.

Fighting Spirit (FS): Depending on class, certain events in battle will raise or lower the level of a characters fighting spirit. The max FS level is 6.

DPS FS: The FS of DPS classes increases when they land a critical hit or hit a weakness. Their FS decreases when they miss an attack or the enemy is immune to it.

Tank FS: The FS of Tank classes increases when they take damage or use an ability/miracle that increases aggro. Their FS decreases when an ally is attacked.

Support FS: The FS of Support classes increases when they heal/revive an ally, apply a buff to allies, or apply a debuff to enemies. Their FS decreases when an ally dies or an enemy is immune to a debuff.

Super Mode: When FS reaches level 6 a character can activate their Super Mode as a free action. This grants them a super passive and use of their super ability. FS level cannot increase while in Super Mode, and at the beginning of each turn it will decrease by 2. Using the character’s super ability will end Super Mode and return FS to 0 after use.